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        One of the strongest, most durable and easiest knots to tie, recommended for almost any
        application, except extremely heavy leader lines.

                  STEP 1                     STEP 2                     STEP 3                     STEP 4
            Double about six         Tie an overhand knot.      Pass the hook, lure or     Tighten the knot and
          inces of line and pass                                  swivel through the          trim the tag end.
            it through the eye.                                          loop.               Make sure the two
                                                                                           lines in eye are paral-
                                                                                               lel. If they are
                                                                                           crossed, cut the knot
                                                                                                 and re-tie.


        A strong, versatile knot which can also be tied to form an end-loop that tightens down to a
        conventional knot once you hook a fish.

                  STEP 1                     STEP 2                     STEP 3                     STEP 4
          Run six inches of line       Bring the tag end          Snug the knot; to          If you don’t want a
           through the eye and        back toward the eye       leave a loop, hold the     loop, slide the knot to
           fold it back to make       and make six spiral          knot at the point       eye. Trim the tag end.
            two parallel lines.        wraps around the           where you want it
                                       two parallel lines.      while you pull on the
                                                                    standing line.
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